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The Louisiana Street Food Festival is looking for high quality food vendors (food trucks welcome!) to participate in the inaugural festival on Saturday, January 13, 2018. We are looking for vendors who will offer affordable and creative menus that highlight inventive street food. The festival will take place the same weekend as the Louisiana Marathon, which draws thousands of people, in downtown Baton Rouge.  Attendees will come to enjoy, good food, awesome music, and loads of fun. 

The festival will showcase a total of 20 vendors and will ensure that all regions of the state are represented. The state is broken into the following regions:

North Louisiana
Central Louisiana
Florida Parishes
Greater New Orleans

If chosen, participants will be asked to pay a $250 non refundable vendor fee to secure their spot in the festival. The festival will not ask for a percentage of sales after the vendor fee is paid.  Event details regarding setup, breakdown, and additional permitting will be communicated when selected. Please note: Selected vendors must comply with Baton Rouge permitting and be permitted to sell food within Baton Rouge. Additionally, they must provide a Certificate of Insurance with My House Social (the event producer) listed as additional insured. This is to be submitted with the vendor fee and contract. The festival supply signage to vendors but vendors are required to bring their own power (if needed) table, and tent.  

All vendor applications will be reviewed to ensure there is a diverse representation of food.

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